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Intellectual property litigation involves the enforcement of intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, in court. For example, if the owner of a patent believes that another is infringing his patent by making, using, selling or offering for sale the patented invention in the United States, or importing into the United States, the patent owner may file a lawsuit against the accused infringer to stop the infringement and collect damages.

North Carolina Intellectual Property Litigation

In addition to procuring intellectual property for its clients, Ashley Law Firm P.C. assists clients in the enforcement of their intellectual property rights against infringers. Ashley Law Firm P.C. also defends the rights of clients who have been accused of infringing patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights or other intellectual property.

Intellectual property litigation may result in the following:

  • Injunction to stop the infringement.
    The court may enter an injunction that prohibits future infringement. For example, in a patent case the court can issue an injunction that forces the infringer to stop making and selling the product that infringes the patent.
  • Damages to compensate for the infringement.
    The court may award monetary damages to the intellectual property owner to compensate for the financial losses caused by the infringement.

Defense in infringement lawsuits
In addition to representing intellectual property owners against infringers, Ashley Law Firm P.C. also represents those who have been accused of infringing patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights or other intellectual property.

In addition to handling intellectual property cases in the U.S. District Courts, firm President Stephen Ashley is experienced in appellate work and is admitted to practice in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which has jurisdiction to hear all appeals in patent cases.

The firm’s founder and president, Stephen Ashley, has more than ten years of litigation experience. For the past seven years, Mr. Ashley has practiced exclusively in the field of intellectual property, and has handled numerous intellectual property cases. Mr. Ashley has represented intellectual property owners against infringers, and has defended businesses accused of infringement. North Carolina attorneys have recognized Mr. Ashley’s skills, by recently voting him to Business North Carolina magazine’s “Legal Elite” in the field of intellectual property/patents.

Intellectual property litigation is complex and requires a skilled attorney who understands the technical and legal framework of intellectual property protections. If you are the owner of a patent, trademark or copyright that you believe has been infringed, or if you have been accused of infringing a patent, trademark or copyright, it is important that you take immediate steps to preserve and protect your rights. Contact Stephen Ashley for an immediate consultation on your case.

Ashley Law Firm P.C. will vigorously advocate for your intellectual property rights. As a registered patent attorney with years of experience in both preparing patent applications and handling patent infringement litigation, Stephen Ashley can provide effective patent representation both in and out of court.

Contact Ashley Law Firm P.C. to speak with an experienced intellectual property lawyer regarding patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, licensing agreements, infringement litigation and other related intellectual property matters.

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