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Protecting Your Patented Assets

Just as parents want to protect their children, inventors want to safeguard their ideas and innovations. Perhaps the best protection available to inventors is the patent. When companies or individuals infringe on the property right, you need an attorney experienced in patent enforcement.

A skilled patent enforcement lawyer understands and employs a variety of effective strategies tailored to protect your intellectual property. At Ashley Law Firm P.C., we help inventors, entrepreneurs, scholars, scientists, startups and businesspeople across the Charlotte, North Carolina, metro area.

Our firm’s registered patent attorney has a background in science, and deep experience in enforcement and defense of patents, focusing on IP matters exclusively since 2000.

We know that even in businesses and trades that are not high-tech, growth is often driven by innovations, ideas and methods that can be protected by patents. Our firm provides meticulous, detail-oriented assistance with patent application. Once the patent property right is granted, we help clients prevent others from copying or misappropriating that property.

Enforcement Strategies And Tactics

Patent protection strategies and efforts are dependent on circumstances in each unique case, but they can include cease-and-desist demands, demands that the infringer purchase a license or pay royalties, temporary injunctions and litigation.

Our firm will not only enforce patents against companies known to be infringing on your rights, but we will will also search for patent infringements and monitor applications at the patent and trademark offices.

We also provide rigorous representation to those accused of patent infringement.

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